Part Number

QSFPDD, FR4, CWDM, 400G, 2km, SMF/LC, C-Temp, DDM


The PRE-QSFP56DD-FR4 optical transceiver supports 400G Ethernet applications up to 2km over single mode fiber. Precision OT’s QSFP-DD-FR4 optical transceiver features EML transmitters, PIN receivers, an LC-UPC connector and digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM).

Part Number

SFP28, Passive, DAC, xx AWG, 25G, yy m, C-Temp

Precision OT’s PRE-SFP25G-CU30XXM passive cable supports 25G ethernet applications with up to 25Gb/s bi-directional data rate. This cable features a robust cable design with strain relief, maximum EMI shielding for signal integrity, and a commercial operating temperature up to 70°C.


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