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Connectivity Hardware

Precision OT offers rack and wall mount hardware, fiber cables and breakout modules to support and meet your specific optical networking needs.

Rack & Wall Mount Hardware

Ensure you’re maximizing space and staying organized with our rack and wall mount hardware designed for the installation of WDM devices. Designed for flexibility, we provide 1RU, 2RU, and 3RU rack configurations or desired wall installation. Additionally, all LGX & RUf Form factors are easily compatible with Precision OT products.

Fiber Cables

Precision OT’s high-quality fiber cables are designed to provide optimal performance and reliability. Utilize our Fiber Jumper Configurator, which when combined with our in-house experts, ensures you’re making the best choice for your network requirements. We offer a range of simplex, duplex and single-mode and multi-mode jumpers, guaranteed to be 100% compatible.

Breakout Modules

If you need to reduce clutter, maximize rack space and improve your network efficiency, our MPO breakout modules can help, allowing for easy integration of multiple devices into one single system.

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