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QSFP28 Standard

Precision’s industry-standard 100G quad small form-factor pluggable (QSFP28) optics are hot-swappable input/output modules for use throughout various data communication applications. The modules offer full MSA compliance and support 100G data transmissions with low power consumption and industry-leading optical specifications.

100G QSFP28 optics are an excellent choice for data center infrastructures, longer distance transport applications. Designed with cost-effectiveness and network provider needs in mind, Precision OT’s diverse line of 100G QSFP28 modules enables up to 112G speeds at distances up to 80km using our recently released 100G ZR4.

Our variety of modules feature varying specifications to meet specific network applications. These offerings include exclusive short-haul SRBD as well as long-haul ZR4 and everything in between. Additional products include ESR4, LR4, PLR4L, CWDM4, ER4 as well as single wave FR and DR.


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