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XFP Transceiver

XFP Transceiver Product Overview

Precision OT’s 10G XFP transceivers support 10 Gigabit ethernet applications including single-mode fiber, multimode fiber up to 80km, operating at wavelengths between 850nm to 1550nm. They include hot-swappable port-by-port functionality and guaranteed compatibility among all major NEM platforms.

As experts in network systems integration, Precision OT ensures your unique needs are met by offering turnkey, high-quality, interoperable optical networking solutions you can trust.

Product Categories

Features of Optical Transceivers

EML, DML, DFB and VCSEL Laser Drivers Available
APD and PIN Receivers Available
MMF and SMF Transmission Medium
LC-UPC Connector Types
Wideband, CWDM, DWDM (fixed and tunable), BiDi, PON, Digital Return, AOC, DAC
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM)
Commercial, Industrial and Hardened Temp Options
Supports Bit Rates up to 11.3Gbps
Typical Max Power Consumption 1-2 W

FEATURES of Copper Transceivers

RJ45 Connectors
Passive DAC with Various Cable Lengths
Commercial and Industrial Temp Options
Supports Bit Rates up to 11.3Gbps
Low Power Consumption ( Max 2 W for 10G)
Operating distance of up to 50 meters (using CAT6A or CAT7 cables)


Data Center, Enterprise and Transport Networks
Local Area Network (LAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)
10GBase Ethernet


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