Optical Networking, Redefined.


Precision OT offers the widest variety of cost-effective OEM-compatible optical transceivers and related optical networking equipment.

Our extensive inventory allows for short lead times and same day shipment upon request. With cutting-edge programming and diagnostic technologies in our lab, we proudly offer a lifetime warranty and guarantee 100% compatibility for all of our products.

Our services extend far beyond delivering top-of-the-line optical transceivers and other network equipment.

Products - Optical Transceivers and Accessories

Optical Transceivers – without them, we would not have the network connections the world relies on for everything from streaming YouTube videos to storing and accessing sensitive data in the cloud. Autonomous vehicles, high-definition streaming, gaming, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and just about every other kind of emerging technology relies on optical transceivers to work as intended. 

It’s 2022 – and the breadth of optical transceivers available to network operators has never been greater. It needs to be. All the new, exciting technologies service providers, consumers and enterprises are eager to embrace need more bandwidth and higher speeds than what legacy network can deliver. As a result, demand for everything from 10G to 400G is surging. Read more about that in our blog The Evolution of Next Gen Optical Transport

What's Behind Our Wide Inventory

At Precision OT, we believe in simplifying your journey to acquire the transceivers that will best suit your requirements. As technology evolves at an incredible pace, so do the current and future requirements of networks.

Where once a 100G QSFP28 optic might have been enough, now a growing number of data center providers, MSOs and other network operators are beginning to look at higher bandwidth options such as the 400G QSFP56-DD form factor (which is backwards compatible with QSFP28 ports). 

We know you need quick turnarounds to meet your commitments and business objectives. As a company with a global footprint, our mission is to continue to have the widest inventory possible. When it comes to optical network, reliability is everything. We want you to be able to take advantage of short lead times and even same-day shipment upon request for certain models. Now that’s transceiver procurement simplified.

Disaggregated Markets Complicating Your Network Build? Let Us Be the Glue!

System engineering companies like Precision OT have the flexibility to provide a high level of customization that large NEMs simply do not offer based on their business model. In the age of open-source products, web-scale network architectures and an increasingly disaggregated market for optical equipment, network operators have more choice than ever. That’s good! But it also comes with certain challenges. 

In our experience, network operators often need help piecing all the different parts of their networks together. It is not only optical transceiver procurement that can get complicated. The challenges even extend to fiber cables/jumpers and mux/demux devices for dealing with multiple optical and electrical signals. At Precision OT, we work with each customer to understand their system and customize our products to meet their needs exactly. How? By replicating their networks in our lab to fully test our custom-engineered optical solutions.

The Precision OT Difference

We believe in making it as simple as possible for you to procure the transceivers and optical accessories you need to future-proof your networks. As well, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to building modern fiber optic networks. What do we believe, you ask? How about:

  • Customization – You tell us your needs and we create the products that are just right for you.
  • Outdoing big NEMs – Often, these companies have no incentive to meet your needs at the same level that we can.
  • Ongoing engineering support – It’s not just about testing products in a lab, deploying them and calling it a day. We offer both remote and onsite support.
  • Having your back – With cutting-edge programming and diagnostic technologies in our lab, we proudly offer a lifetime warranty and guarantee 100% compatibility for all of our products.

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, feel free to reach out – we’re happy to answer your questions!

In case you’re still a little unsure about us versus the big-name NEMs, read our blog on the FUD tactics they often use to keep you locked in.