Optical Networking, Redefined.

Why Precision OT?

Turnkey optical networking solutions you can trust.

Precision Optical Technologies is a system engineering and integration company focused on optical transceivers and related active/passive optical components. For over a decade, we have helped build networks around the globe by providing high quality, custom-engineered optical solutions.

We know the pain points, we speak the language, and we understand the value of a reliable system. By applying first-hand knowledge and critical expertise to each and every custom solution, our System Engineers take a true hands-on approach to replicating networks, identifying challenges, resolving issues, maintaining reliability, and providing the highest level of service.

At Precision OT, we are recognized globally as a premier supplier of optical transceivers and related active/passive optical networking equipment. Through product quality, technical support, responsiveness, and long-term benefits to our customers, we have gained respect, trust and loyalty in the industry.

Our Mission

To enable the world’s most flexible and reliable optical networks through industry-leading engineering and product innovation.

Who We Serve

Precision Optical Technologies provides comprehensive network engineering expertise and customized solutions for a wide range of network systems from Access to Metro, Core and Backbone Transport.

Our Vision

Pairing people with technology to create a better-connected world.

Precision OT Transceivers Family Shot

Within the different network applications, Precision OT has developed specific solutions for each network service including FTTx, PON, DAAS, Mobile backhaul and Data center.

Each customer network architecture has specific requirements and needs. We customize and advise our customers on the best products to fit their use case. Our focus is not only on transceivers, but also the network architecture system as a whole including Host Platforms, Physical connections (via Fiber Jumpers and Fiber panels), Chassis enclosures, MUX/DEMUX, and troubleshooting tools like fiber and connector cleaners and remote troubleshooting tools, like our TN100 box.


At Precision Optical Technologies, we value the importance of delivering reliable, interoperable high-quality products designed to help you bring together all the systems within your network. In today’s post-vendor lock world, we believe in being a steady resource for network operators like you around the world. That means leveraging our deep seated engineering expertise and free technical consultations to help you find the best fit solutions for turning your innovation goals into reality.


We work with each of our customers to ensure we understand their system. Our experienced engineers then replicate the network in an effort to manage risk and keep it up and running. No matter what.


From the first point of contact through network replication and system testing, our expert engineers work closely with you to identify potential problems and, ultimately, solutions.


At Precision OT, we believe in creating, promoting and fostering opportunities for our team members to strengthen their relationships in a fun-filled way while also giving back to the community. Our Employee Engagement Team provides our employees with opportunities to participate in various social events, gatherings and community outreach programs so they can get the opportunity to get to know one another, celebrate and connect.

Precision OT’s Employee Engagement Team is dedicated to identifying organizations in need of support that also align with our mission and values. This allows us to continuously give back to those making changes for the greater good.

With a strong history of getting involved with charities working to change the local community for the better, we’re currently supporting the following causes:

Flower City Habitat for Humanity

Flower City Habitat for Humanity is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity located in Rochester, NY. Habitat for Humanity helps others by building or updating places they can call home. Flower City Habitat for Humanity has built 250 homes, with more planned and in progress throughout the city.

Bivona Children's Advocacy Center

The Bivona Children’s Advocacy Center is dedicated to delivering service, awareness, education and leadership for childhood abuse response and more. The organization believes in creating a community where all children are safe from abuse.

Bethany House

Established in 1977 to support women, Bethany House provides multiple services including temporary housing and assistance for those impacted by homelessness and instability.

IACKids logo

Established in 1977 to support women, Bethany House provides multiple services including temporary housing and assistance for those impacted by homelessness and instability.

" We’re proud to continue supporting our community by not just employing local talent, but also partnering with worthy causes that are making life better for those in need. Helping our team come together in support of others is an ongoing part of our ethos and we look forward to adding other names to this list in the future.
David Halladay
David Halladay
President & CEO, Precision OT