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Optical Passives

As bandwidth requirements skyrocket, so does the need to transmit the data that powers the applications driving the demand. Precision OT brings a suite of optical passives to help ensure seamless data transmission, high-quality signal processing and reliable network connectivity.


With our range of MUX/DEMUX (Multiplexing/Demultiplexing) filters, gone are the days of complexity in scaling your network. Our optical passives line provides you with turnkey, cost effective and scalable solutions to meet your current and future network requirements.

All of our filters are integrated easily and seamlessly with our CWDM and DWDM transceivers, as well as tested in-house to guarantee functionality.

Optical Splitters

Maximize your network’s capacity and experience seamless signal distribution with our line of Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitters. Precision OT’s PLC splitters are ideal for FTTH deployments, Passive Optical Networks (PON), CATV Links, and Optical Signal Distribution.

Add/Drop Modules

Ideal for long haul or metro networks, managing your data traffic while expanding your bandwidth capacity is made easy with our DWDM OADM Add/Drop Modules.


Precision OT’s Polarization-Insensitive Circulator offers increased network efficiency by allowing bi-directional communication over a single fiber.

Specialty Products

Don’t forget to explore our 25G PON, CWDM + DWDM Combined ISP, and PON Coexistence ISP products to stay ahead of the ever-evolving world of optical networking.

View all of our available optical passives products below:

Precision OT’s optical passives portfolio allows for the injection of network improvement without the need for network disruption.

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Our optical passive solutions, coupled with our expertise in systems integration, can empower your business with faster, more efficient, and more reliable data communication.

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