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SFP 28

SFP Transceiver

25G SFP28 Transceivers Product Overview

When it comes to lowering network TCO, data centers and enterprises can benefit from Precision OT’s cost-effective 25G transceivers that deliver data at high speeds without high energy consumption. Precision OT’s line of 25G optical transceivers enables up to 25G speeds at distances up to 40km for a wide range of applications..

In addition to wideband transceivers, we offer an extensive range of fixed and DWDM tunables, tuning modules, BiDis, dual-rate optics and 25G DAC/AOC products. Our 25G DACs support standard length increments up to 5m and our AOCs can be customized or provide an off-the-shelf length of up to 50m.


EML, DML and VCSEL Laser Drivers Available
ADP and PIN Receivers Available
MMF and SMF Transmission Medium
LC-UPC Connector Types
Wideband, DWDM (fixed and tunable), BiDi, AOC, DAC
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM)
Commercial and Industrial Temp Options
Supports Bit Rates up to 25Gbps (dual rate 10/25G options also available)
Low Power Consumption 1-2 W


Data Center and Enterprise Networks
Wide Area Network (WAN)
25GBase Ethernet
Cell Backhaul


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