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QSFP Transceiver


Support 40G ethernet, data center, enterprise, and Infiniband applications with Precision OT’s range of 40G QSFP+ optical transceivers for link distances of a few meters up to 80km.

The 40G QFSP+ transceivers feature varying specifications to meet your unique network needs. This includes short distances with our SR4 for MMF deployments and LR4/ER4/ZR1 variants for long-haul connections. Transceivers with the options to breakout like the 40G PLR4. Precision OT also has a 40G cable product line for cables made with copper via direct attach cable (DAC), or with fiber via active optical cable (AOC) where breakout options are also available.

Product Categories


DFB Laser Transmitters
PIN Receivers Available
MMF and SMF Transmission Medium
LC-UPC Connector Types
Wideband, BiDi, AOC, DAC, DWDM
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM)
Commercial and Industrial Temp Options
Supports Bit Rates up to 40Gbps
<3.5W Power Consumption


Data Center, Access and Transport Networks
Local Area Network (LAN)
Wide Area Network (WAN)
40GBase Ethernet (including ER4, ERS4, LR4, LR4L, LX4, PLR4, ZR1, and SR4)


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