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The latest in the CFP module line, the 100G CFP4 form factor represents the most efficient port usage of the CFP line and comes in a variety of 100G capable transceiver modules with varying specifications, including CFP4-ER4L, CFP4-LR4 and CFP4M-ER4L.

Similar to the QSFP28, the 100G CFP form factor is interoperable with all other CFP modules, for example, the PRE-CFP4-L4R is compatible with the PRE-CFP2-L4R as long as both sides of the link are identical. CFPs, like QSFP28, can support both 100GE and/or OTU-4. A single rate optic will support 100GE while a multirate optic will support both 100GE/OTU-4.

The CFP4 is half the size of the CFP2 form factor, and differs from the first generation CFP module by utilizing only 4 I/O lanes which allows for more efficient use of ports than both the CFP and CFP2. Download the product sheets for each 100G CFP4 transceiver from their individual pages below for additional specifications.


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