Transceiver Tuning

Network operators need a cost-effective way to satisfy their end-users’ ravenous appetites for augmented bandwidth. That’s why the future of optical networking is dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), which allows data of different wavelengths originating from varying sources to share a single optical fiber.

If your network is still teeming with static transceivers set to fixed wavelengths, you are missing out on flexibility and ultimately causing costly operating expenditures.

Thanks to our web-driven applications, you don’t need to invest in new hardware or complicated installations to have the latest and greatest software available for use. Instead, we at Precision OT manage the TN100 series application software and transceiver management module firmware for you.


Fortunately, Precision OT offers tunable transceivers that can be easily adjusted with our TN100 Series Transceiver Management Modules! It’s the easy way to tune your optics, requiring a bluetooth connection for the TN100-S-BT and a USB connection for the TN100-XS. Here’s what this means for you:

Instant Savings: Instantly eliminate sparing hundreds of static transceivers with one tunable optic.

100% Compatibility: Easily configure any Precision tunable optic with compatibility to any OEM platform.

Enhanced Flexibility: Leverage tuning flexibility to any of the standard ITU C-band 50GHz or 100GHz spaced channels.

Easy Updates: Rapidly acquire new features for all members of your team; (re)configure EEPROM compatibility remotely.



Part Number

The TN100-S-BT is a portable tuning module for SFP+ optics. It is Bluetooth® enabled, which allows for standard ITU C-Band 50GHz and 100GHz channel configuration on-the-go. The TN100-S-BT also includes Precision’s first ever mobile tuning application, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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