100G CFP

Precision OT currently offers two 100G CFP optical transceiver modules: CFP-ER4 and CFP-LR4, which are interoperable with other ER4 and LR4 modules within the CFP line of products. The CFP-ER4 is capable of 40km, while the LR4 reaches 10km, both on single mode fiber optic cable.

Both 100G CFP optical transceivers make it possible for network operators to scale their networks for greater capacity, feature data rates up to 111.8Gbps, LC-UPC connectors and Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM). Download the product sheets for each 100G CFP transceiver from their individual pages below for more specifications.

CFP form factors consist of CFP, CFP2, CFP4, and CFP8 (Future). The CFP is the largest of the form factors and they decrease in size and power consumption as you increase in generation from CFP2 to CFP4. CFPs, like QSFP28, can support both 100GE and/or OTU-4. A single rate optic will support 100GE while a multirate optic will support both 100GE/OTU-4.

You will typically experience, on the access/IP side, many requests will be for single rate 100GE. However, when dealing on the transports side, you will usually find multirate 100GE/OTU-4 requests.

Precision OT has two available CFP optical transceivers capable of 100G transmission: CFP ER4 and CFP LR4. 

CFP - ER4 Product Features:

EML Transmitters
SOA-PIN Receivers
SMF Transmission Medium
LC-UPC Connector Type
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM)

CFP LR4 Product Features

DML Transmitters
PIN Receivers
SMF Transmission Medium
LC-UPC Connector Type
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM)

View product sheets to obtain information about transmission distances as needed:


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