Industries Served

Industries Served

Precision Optical Transceivers provides custom solutions for the most reliable networks across a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, enterprise, government entities, and more.

Our expert system engineers know and understand the challenges faced by their counterparts across the industries we serve. We know the pain points, we speak the language, and we understand the value of a reliable system. That is why we are committed to delivering the best solution. By applying first-hand knowledge and critical expertise to each and every custom solution, our system engineers take a true hands-on approach to replicating networks, identifying challenges, resolving issues, maintaining reliability, and providing the highest level of service.


At Precision OT, we are proud to partner and work with world-leading service providers who in turn offer our products as part of their network solutions to organizations in healthcare, education, enterprise, government, and beyond.


Security and reliability are of critical importance for the healthcare industry. Precision OT proudly serves the healthcare industry by providing our products and services to hospitals and other health and wellness organizations, as well as indirectly through one of our trusted partners and service providers.


It is critical for colleges and universities to maintain a secure, reliable network environment. Our expert systems engineers work closely with each point of contact, whether it be a fellow engineer, IT director, or other faculty or staff. We are committed to providing a custom solution that addresses the individual needs of every institution.


Precision OT offers network expertise to enterprise businesses and major corporations seeking a secure, reliable network solution. Our engineers understand the importance of maintaining and protecting an organization's most critical data. We will not only ensure the proper solution is in place, but we will assist in the proper maintenance and continuity of the network once established.


At Precision OT, we understand the importance of operating a secure, reliable network, particularly for government organizations at every level. We provide the solutions government entities need in order to protect their networks and data, while ensuring they are up and running 100% of the time.