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February 9, 2021

3 Qualities Your Optical Network Equipment Provider Should Have


Building the next generation of highly reliable, low-latency optical network infrastructure requires a diverse supply of specialized fiber assets. With network operators under pressure to deliver higher speeds and bandwidth across backbone, metro and access networks, the need for a reliable optical network equipment provider has only increased.

How can you be certain that the company you rely on for transceivers and other optical equipment is more than just another vendor? How can you trust that they will have your back in tricky or complex situations? The answer lies in looking for the following three qualities in your optical network equipment provider.

1. Reliable Inventory

Your operations are built on meeting your targets, staying true to your service level agreements (SLAs), and providing excellent service to customers. Achieving these objectives becomes so much easier when you have the things you need. The right network equipment provider will make sure that you will have the right materials, right on time. That means carrying an extensive, high quality inventory to maintain stock at all times.

Even more importantly, a great network equipment provider collaborates with customers to better understand their inventory needs. With effective communication and relationship building, a supplier can ensure they stock the right inventory by better understanding their customers’ short and long-term network strategies.  After all, it’s easier to fulfill a supply of materials when the other party already understands what you’re interested in, and when.

2. Engineering Support

Your equipment supplier could be just a supplier, or they could be your partner. Demands on network builds are increasing. Networks need to be more agile, more integrated, and higher capacity than ever before. Your supplier should care about delivering high-quality products, but they should also care about making sure the products delivered truly are the right ones for the job.

The idea here is that network equipment providers should provide more than just equipment. The better ones provide technical expertise. When you’re trying to solve an issue or manage adjustments, you may contact your supplier without knowing exactly what you need. Your business and project deserves someone on the other side who will work with you to identify problems and suggest ways to solve them. At Precision OT, we like to walk with our customers through their buyer journeys. Our online Cable Builder, for example, allows our customers to select the parts they would like to use. Before shipping, engineers from our team look over the order and address any issues with the customer.

While other providers might also provide similar services, the real difference comes down to the following questions:

  • Does your equipment provider analyze your networks to understand your precise specifications?
  • Will they provide technical consultation to guide you toward the best solution?
  • Do they create simulations of your network in specially developed testing labs to ensure that equipment provided will perform as expected?
  • Can they provide ongoing technical support through deployment and management?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you might need to look at other options.

3. Custom Solutions

In many cases these days, off-the-shelf network solutions won’t cut it. When you run into unique situations or unforeseen obstacles, will your network equipment provider simply reach for an existing, typical system solution? Look for a supplier who will design and create a bespoke solution to match your circumstances when the time comes.

Because personalized solutions require in-depth analysis, many equipment suppliers are unable to provide custom systems and equipment. However, you know that all projects are different. Choose a supplier that will take the time to work with you to align with your business goals well enough to deliver custom-engineered optical solutions. The extra effort to understand your network will not only ensure a precise fit and compatibility with existing big-brand (NEM) solutions, it will also mitigate any risk involved with choosing a third-party supplier.

By the time your equipment ships, the right vendor can ensure it’s a specialized piece that’s perfect for your network. By selecting an optical network equipment provider that supplies a smart inventory, engineering consultation, and a custom approach, you can forge on in the confidence that you’re working with the best resources available.

Would you like to know more about how Precision OT delivers on all three of these qualities? Put us to the test!