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QSFPDD, LR8, LWDM, 400G, 10km, SMF/LC | 

The QSFP56DD-4xLR optical transceiver is a high-performance solution designed for 400G Long Range Ethernet applications, delivering exceptional speed and reliability for long-range networking needs. Ideal for data centers, telecommunications networks, and enterprise backbones, this advanced transceiver ensures robust connectivity with superior efficiency. 


  • 400G Ethernet Support: Achieve unparalleled data transfer rates, meeting the demands of data-intensive environments with ease. 
  • 10km Reach over Single-Mode Fiber: Maintain reliable connections over distances up to 10 kilometers using single-mode fiber (SMF), perfect for long-range network applications. 
  • 1310nm Wavelength: Utilize the 1310nm wavelength, which is ideal for long-distance communication due to its low attenuation and minimal dispersion properties. 
  • 4x100G-LR1 Configuration: Leverage four independent 100G channels, providing flexibility and high capacity for various networking scenarios. 
  • MPO-12 Connector Type: Ensure secure and stable connections with the MPO-12 connector, known for its high density and ease of use in fiber optic networks. 
  • Commercial Temperature Range (C-Temp): Operate reliably within a commercial temperature range, making it suitable for a variety of indoor environments. 
  • Digital Diagnostics Monitoring (DDM): Monitor critical parameters in real-time, allowing for proactive network management and maintenance. 


  • Data Center Interconnects: Facilitate high-speed data transfer between data centers within a 10km radius, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient operations. 
  • Telecommunications Networks: Support backbone and long-haul networks with high bandwidth and reliable performance. 
  • Enterprise Networks: Enhance the performance and capacity of large-scale enterprise networks, ensuring robust connectivity across extensive distances. 
  • Network Upgrades: Easily upgrade existing network infrastructure to support 400G Ethernet without extensive system overhauls. 

The QSFP56DD-4xLR optical transceiver is engineered to meet the growing demands of modern long-range networking. With its support for 400G Ethernet, extended reach, and advanced features like the 1310nm wavelength and DDM, this transceiver is the perfect choice for organizations looking to enhance their network infrastructure with high-speed, reliable data transmission. Experience the future of networking with the QSFP56DD-4xLR optical transceiver, your reliable partner for high-speed, long-range data connectivity. 

QSFP56DD-4xLR, Long Range


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