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July 21, 2020

It’s Time to Move Past Big-Name Network Equipment Manufacturers.

Years ago, you would walk through a data center and only see big logos amongst the optical networking equipment, but with today’s increasingly complex networks, network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are not necessarily the “go to” solution. Instead, network operators are looking to more flexible system engineering companies that can design and manufacture equipment to precise specifications to transform their next gen networks.
While the NEM’s off-the-shelf optical transceivers are built to work for many situations, network operators are seeking out vendor partners that offer value that goes beyond a NEM’s one-size-fits-all approach. Here is a closer look at the benefits they consider:
True Custom Solutions
System Engineering companies like Precision OT have the flexibility to provide a high level of customization that large NEMs simply do not offer based on their business model. In the age of next gen products, this level of customization is essential. At Precision OT, we work with each customer to understand their system and go the extra mile by replicating their network to fully test our custom-engineered optical solutions.
The entrepreneurial drive of Precision OT pushes the limits of innovation to develop best-in-class products. Our Lightseer service is also an example of being ahead of the curve. Our engineering team recognized that many network analytics solutions overlook data generated at the optical level. As a result, we developed the industry’s first technology designed to monitor and analyze physical layers of optical software-defined networks.
Quick Turnaround
As technology evolves at an incredible pace, so do the current and future requirements of networks. Companies such as Precision OT, which has a global reach, offer the benefit of quick turnarounds, as they often retain the entrepreneurial spirit with which they were founded.  Precision OT also has the benefit of an extensive inventory that allows for short lead times and same day shipment upon request for certain models.
Personalized Support
While a network operator may simply be a number to large NEM’s, companies like Precision OT have the ability to offer very personalized support. Precision OT is laser-focused on providing white glove customer support, even developing a Remote Assistant application to make the company’s engineers available remotely to quickly and securely assist customers with issue resolution, equipment upkeep and setting adjustments.
Are You Ready to Move Past the Big Logos?
Does your company need high quality, customized optical transceivers backed by unwavering support that the big NEMs simply can’t offer? Reach out to us. We can help.