Optical Networking, Redefined.


Redefining predictive analysis at the optical layer.

Precision Optical Technologies’ proprietary Lightseer® application is the industry’s first technology designed to monitor and analyze physical layers of optical software-defined networks. Lightseer’s® predictive analysis tool provides network administrators with real-time data all the way down to transceivers and individual optical links. It also allows operators across the globe to manage and automate the logistics of monitoring and configuring increasingly complicated networks.


Real-Time Optical Monitoring

Monitor the state and integrity of your optical network with live management & configuration capabilities. Lightseer® allows users to monitor from a high-level down to individual optical links.

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Lightseer’s® predictive analytics technology monitors and forecasts users of optical failures and anomalies before they cause network downtime.

System Engineering Expertise

At Precision OT, we stand by our commitment to provide exceptional customer service. Have a question about Lightseer®? Need advice on optical networking configurations? Our experts are here to help.

Widespread Compatibility

Lightseer® is compatible throughout a large variety of white box networking equipment and off-the-shelf SDN controllers. It also allows for integration with legacy networking equipment.

“Lightseer is comparable to having a network engineer observing, recording, and providing analysis/fault identification by aggregating the optical data of all network elements 7x24x365. Lightseer can track, trend, and log data to compare against baseline/benchmark data in order to provide proactive and predictive failure analysis. All data can be exported to external data bases for future use and analysis. The future of Optical AI (OAI) is at hand with Precision Optical Technologies.”

– Gerald C., Systems Engineer


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