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January 9, 2017

Facebook Discusses Voyager Product for Telecommunications Industry

Facebook continues to lead the charge on open source computing. The social media giant initially spearheaded the Open Compute Project (OCP) five years ago to encourage communal sharing of computer hardware technology. In February 2016, Facebook announced its other initiative, the Telco Infra Project (TIP), which focuses on building open source hardware and software for the telecommunications industry.

With a goal of building communications networks faster and more easily, Facebook has recently released its first official TIP product–Voyager. Using Open Packet DWDM technology, Facebook wrote in its blog that Voyager “is the industry’s first ‘white box’ transponder and routing solution.” The white box name is a key reference to lower-priced, generic products.

Voyager utilizes a variety of company-specific DSAP and optics module technologies, terminal amplifier specifications, and software architecture.

By focusing on packet technologies, Facebook is hoping to address higher bandwidth needs being driven in large part by increased video usage and Virtual Reality (VR). Historically, this bandwidth has been managed by fiber-based technologies.

According to Facebook, “The open approach to development of optical packet systems will allow for faster time to market and a lower barrier of entry for new technologies, ultimately helping us move more quickly toward a more open and connected world.” This will certainly be a game changer for those companies that are currently dominating the telecommunications industry.

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