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July 5, 2022

Tight Budget? Here’s Your Guide to Navigating CAPEX & OPEX Compression

Do you find yourself sacrificing on the quality of your optics to maintain a reasonable budget? We're here to fix that.

In today’s economic climate, budgets are tight, and the bottom line governs all. We’re increasingly hearing from Network Engineers that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep projects moving without turning to optical solutions of uncertain quality or sacrificing inventory when their decision-makers start looking to compress budgets. In this blog, we’re here to help solve this dilemma.

The answer to the complex problem of budgets and project logistics is actually quite simple – highly affordable, better than NEM quality optics from a proven provider of optical networking solutions. For many of our friends managing today’s optical networks, that might sound too good to be true. However, our team here at Precision OT can offer you all of this. Here’s how.

Affordability Through Our Strong Purchasing Power and Supply Chain

When faced with a project, network engineers have typically sourced quotes for necessary optics from legacy NEM providers. However, as we’ve written about in an earlier blog, these NEMs often quote their customers at prices 10 to 20 times higher than what we charge for the same optics. Gartner has backed this up as well, noting that some network operators end up overpaying for their optical solutions by 50% or more regularly.

In the turbulent economy we currently face, the leadership and financial teams that manage the funding for today’s projects are not in any mood to rubber stamp quotes with this kind of markup. Fortunately, there is a solution.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll have seen us talk several times about our supply chain. The bottom line is that thanks to the high volume nature of our business, we have the purchasing power needed to negotiate optimal pricing, which translates into affordability for our customers – all without sacrificing quality. Moreover, because of the supply chain challenges caused by the pandemic, some NEMs have had to raise their prices. We have not had to do that thanks to the strength of our forecasting model and our relationships with our suppliers.

High Quality Ensured Through Rigorous Testing & Development

As all our customers tell us, affordability without quality is meaningless. But as a company that specializes in not just optical transceivers, but related active/passive optical components, we provide solutions of incredibly high quality – better even than what the industry is used to. Here’s what we mean. 

With cutting-edge programming and diagnostic technologies in our onsite labs, we always ensure that every optic we ship will work in the field and will be 100% compatible with other NEM optics. In fact, thanks to our rigorous testing, our transceivers enjoy failure rates far below the industry average, even compared to the products supplied by incumbent NEMs. While we can’t publish our exact numbers in this blog, we do share this information with our customers and invite you to contact us to learn more. This level of transparency and concrete proof of our attention to quality is part of what keeps our customers coming back.

A Breadth of Optical Solutions Designed to Help You Save

In addition to affordability and reliability, we also feature a full breadth of transceivers as well as other components. On the transceiver side, we offer both fixed channel as well as tunable optics. Thanks to a wide tuning range, tunables can take the place of multiple fixed-channel transceivers, saving our customers time and money spent on backup inventory. From a practical perspective, we have customers that used to send technicians out into the field with as many as 40 transceivers in their trucks. With tunables, the amount of equipment a technician needs to transport can be significantly reduced. Learn more about how tunable optics can benefit your network here.

In addition to transceivers, we also offer a wide suite of optical passives, including mux and demux filters, and fiber jumpers. Essentially, whatever your optical networking needs, we can provide them with better affordability than NEMs typically offer and even with higher quality. Whether it is the customization you seek or further advancements in technology that can help you do more on tighter budgets, the Precision OT team has you covered. When your company starts compressing its Capex and Opex, simply remember that going the route of working with a specialized company like Precision can help you turn your dreams into reality without sacrifice. With us, you’re never stuck. Contact us today to learn more.