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December 15, 2014

A Word from Our Experts: Custom 10G CWDM Upgrade Solution

Introduction: Due to increased bandwidth demands, many transport and metro Ethernet network engineers are now confronted with the need to upgrade from 1 Gigabit Ethernet links to 10 Gigabit Ethernet links. In many cases, these network rings are comprised of 1G CWDM links over switches and routers supported by a large infrastructure of CWDM multiplexers and demultiplexers in the field. 

Problem:  Making the transition from 1G equipment to 10G equipment leaves network engineers with limited optics options:

  • 10G over wideband, which drastically reduces fiber efficiency
  • 10G over DWDM, which requires costly passive equipment infrastructure upgrades

Both of these solutions have their own adverse CAPEX and OPEX effects. In the first case, the costly and time intensive process of laying fiber will need to be done in order to allow for the same number of links contained in the network ring previously. While DWDM in the latter scenario could allow for generation of links down the road, it requires the costly and time intensive process of replacing all the CWDM passive infrastructure in the field (ie. Multiplexers, demultiplexers, filters). 

Precision’s 10G CWDM Solution: Precision OT offers a wide variety of custom engineered SFP+ and XFP 10G CWDM optics to help engineers meet growing bandwidth demands without needing to replace their existing CWDM infrastructure. This high-capacity solution is 100% compatible, giving network engineers a CWDM passive solution without the headache of “unsupported transceiver” commands. Precision’s 10G CWDM solution gives network engineers better flexibility in making the transition to 10G links, while simultaneously offering substantial CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) savings over 10G DWDM alternatives. Precision 10G CWDM optics come in the standard 8 CWDM wavelengths (1471nm-1611nm) with the choice of either 40km or 80km. 

In Conclusion: The 1G to 10G upgrade is an important transition for North American transport and metro Ethernet engineers. With the right optics support, network rings running 1G CWDM links are well positioned to roll out high-bandwidth cost-effective 10G CWDM links over their current passive equipment infrastructure. Recognized globally as one of the premier suppliers of optical transceivers and passive products, Precision OT has supported hundreds of network engineers with their 1G to 10G CWDM upgrades. Headquartered in Brockport, New York with 2 international development sites and a vast selection of inventory, Precision OT combines local expertise with quick delivery.