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August 11, 2015

What is DeMultiplexing? A Brief Synopsis

Overview In our last blog, Multiplexing: What You Need to Know, we discussed the process of multiplexing as a combined signal that is sent down a single fiber. Once this signal is sent down the single fiber, an inverse operation must be preformed in order to recover the original independent information streams. This inverse operation is known as demultiplexing. Similar to multiplexers, the demux device has its own specifications that should be considered when designing a network system. The device introduces signal loss as part of the demux process; this should be considered when designing the link. Loss should also be considered as it can range from 2db to 3db. Lastly, the demultiplexer should be compatible with the multiplexer that is on the opposite end of the fiber. A Basic RX/TX System As communication is bidirectional, it is typical that a multiplexer and demultiplexer are present on both sides of the link. As shown in the diagram below, there is a pair for each fiber in a 2 fiber link.  To be continued…. Stay Tuned for Part III of our Mux/DeMux blog! For a complete list of Precision Optical Technologies’ Mux/DeMux modules.