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June 6, 2016

Trans-Atlantic Optical Cable Set to Construct by 2017

With bandwidth becoming an ever more vital commodity, Microsoft and Facebook plan to construct a new trans-Atlantic cable to meet the increasing demands of their customers. This large fiber optic cable will have a 160 terabit per second capacity and will stretch from the coast of Virginia to Spain. This project intends to provide a reliable communications channel that will help to develop more responsive networks for the companies and their customers.

The proposed project called MAREA intends to create a network that will build up services in the USA, Spain, Africa, and the Middle East. According to Newsmax, cable maintenance and operation will fall under Telxius, the telecom infrastructure unit of Telefonica SA. This opens many doors for Microsoft, Facebook, and their customers to provide services to users who may not have access to or are not aware of them. Cable construction will begin in August this year and will see completion around October, 2017.

Microsoft intends on providing greater Cloud services to these areas, while Facebook plans on expanding its delivery of content. This will open up opportunities for many to pursue enterprise and innovation that otherwise would not exist.

This project is similar to one that Google and five Asian telecoms proposed in 2014, (Reuters). Called FASTER, it will only supply 60 terabits per second and will connect the west coast of the USA to Japan and other Asian countries.

MAREA will provide Microsoft, Facebook, and their customers with a reliable networking option. It will deliver high-speed access while reducing ping times and routing congestion. This cable will dilute saturated demand and allow for commercial enterprise to have more available options for innovation.

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