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November 21, 2016

Security Platform for Hyperscale Data Centers Released

Increasing concern over security has driven providers to turn to encryption more and more. At the same time, the scale of traffic continues to expand with consumers demanding faster, better connections. As networks continue to move toward cloud-based services and faster connection speeds, a need has arisen for a security system capable of handling the workload of a hyperscale network.

To meet this need, the first multi-terabit network security platform has been developed. The platform is “the first 2.4 terabit application and security test solution. It delivers 3X-application and 4X-SSL-emulation scale over any other test system.” When used, it will validate a data center’s capacity to handle cloud-based applications, measure the impact of SSL traffic on performance and assess DDoS mitigation techniques.

A balance between security and function is crucial; thus far, security has taken precedence. According to Sandvine, 70% of the world’s internet traffic will be encrypted in 2016. Currently, encryption leads to bottlenecks in performance as the encrypted traffic is scanned for malicious content. As the bandwidth and quality requirements demanded by consumers rise, companies are obliged to provide a solution – and quickly.

The new platform provides high-performance encryption support with hardware offload, thus facilitating a cloud-scale level of SSL traffic. Testing networks with this kind of load will allow companies to find the right balance between security and quality of experience on existing networks.

The technology’s other features include a unified application and security test platform, with layers 2-7 capabilities and support for BreakingPoint and IXLoad software; and multi-rate readiness, able to support 100/50/40/25/10GE on a single port.