Optical Networking, Redefined.
June 20, 2016

Latest Optical Transceiver Technologies

As smart phone, mobile device and Internet usage continues to grow rapidly, the growth of fiber-optic networks is exploding to keep up with rising demand for bandwidth. Technology companies are working tirelessly to increase the power of optical transceivers and other networking equipment to handle it all, as communications companies understand the need for low-cost, but high-capacity, technology. The newest technologies for optical transceivers offer some decided upgrades to the industry as it currently exists. Let’s look at a few:

Multi-subcarrier optical transceiver technology:

Announced in February this year, this technology substantially increases the rate of data transmission through fiber optics. Using only a single receiver, researchers in Tokyo achieved a one terabyte per second (1Tb/s) data rate, 10 times the speed of current industry standards. This technology will undoubtedly create next-generation networks to deliver data-heavy content like high-resolution video to multiple users without the distortion often seen in today’s configurations. The new technology uses multiple subcarriers simultaneously within a single channel along with newly developed signal processing algorithms. An appealing feature of this technology is that deployment will not require major upgrades to the existing network structure, so network upgrades will be quick with a limited cost.

400G over single mode fiber: Several innovative technologies work together for high-speed networking in this 400G Ethernet technology system, as new modules and transceivers enable 10km transmission on single mode fiber and enhanced capabilities. This technology increases density and power efficiency while reducing latency, and it also promises transfer capacity of 6.4 Tb/s on a 1RU host card, in single mode and multimode applications. Longwave transceivers will enable a 10 km link on single mode fiber, as well as being able to fan out with additional modules for increased speed and smooth transmission.

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting developments coming down your fiber optic lines. If you need additional information or advice about telecommunications products, including the latest optical transceivers and networking equipment, contact us.