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February 27, 2024

Get to Know Opticonx

Opticonx, founded in 1996, specializes in top-quality fiber optic products for various industries. Collaboration with Precision OT enhances both portfolios, offering customers integrated solutions and streamlined sourcing. Looking ahead, we’re excited to innovate and expand our product line to serve our customers better.

Q & A

Q: Could you please introduce Opticonx and provide a brief overview of your company’s mission and focus? 

Opticonx was founded in 1996 to serve the needs of a rapidly expanding Telecom marketOur mission is to provide top-quality fiber optic cable and interconnect products made in the USA.  Our products can be found across a variety of vertical markets including cloud computing, FTTx, Data Centers, infrastructure, defense, biomedical, and a variety of specialty applications. 

Q: What led to the collaboration between Opticonx and Precision OT? Could you share insights into how this partnership came about? 

With ongoing consolidation in the fiber optic industry, Opticonx wanted to partner with a company that offered complementary products that gave the best opportunity for growth and opportunitiesAdditionally, we were looking for a good fit in terms of corporate philosophy and guidanceOnce we met with David Halladay and Precision OT’s leadership team we felt that we shared the same vision and goals.  Opticonx is able to focus on our product line while supporting Precision OT’s growth objectives, which is an exciting prospect for both organizations. 

Q: Precision OT is known for its strong industry presence. How does Opticonx align with the values and goals of Precision OT in establishing this partnership? 

Opticonx has long believed that building meaningful relationships is an important component of successI think everyone can agree that it’s important to know your customers so that you understand their motivators, but to me, it’s equally important to form relationships with vendors to ensure that they know yoursStaying on the cutting edge of any industry requires the type of collaboration that only comes with a concerted effort to build relationships within that industry. 

Q: What specific products or services does Opticonx bring to the partnership, and how do these offerings complement Precision OT’s existing portfolio? 

Opticonx is a true manufacturerI think that’s an important distinction, especially with BEAD and BABA programs that require products to be built in the USASomething that sets us apart is that we manufacture fiber optic cable which gives us capabilities that you don’t get from many fiber assembly manufacturersWe have in-house design capabilities that allow us to customize solutions for cables, patch panels, assemblies, and components like furcation tubing and fanout kits. 

Q: Collaboration is key in any partnership. How do you envision the collaboration between Precision OT and Opticonx enhancing the overall customer experience? 

Currently Precision OT offers transceivers and other active devices, while Opticonx offers passive solutionsThis partnership forces both organizations to step outside of their comfort zones to better understand the entire network. With the acquisition, Precision OT will be able to offer our customers a complete network solution.  Many organizations are looking to limit their approved vendor list. This allows them to source more products from a single vendor. 

Q: What specific needs or challenges in the market do both Precision OT and Opticonx aim to address through this collaborative effort?

The market has been broken down into active components vs passive components for a long time and it’s been difficult to find that one-stop shop that pulls it all togetherSourcing the entire network from Precision assures the customer that the products work together as an integrated solution and gives them the resources they need to make sure they’re getting the right solution and that the support for that solution will always be there. 

Q: Looking ahead, what are the long-term goals and aspirations for Opticonx within the framework of this partnership with Precision OT? 

I am beyond excited at the opportunities and challenges that have been placed in front of usThe ability to collaborate on exciting projects and products is something that has always energized me, and to be able to do so with a team of dedicated professionals makes it even more fulfilling Long-term continuing to innovate and expand our product line to best serve our customers is something that will remain our primary focus.  

To learn more check out: https://opticonx.com/