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June 10, 2020

Precision OT Enhances Executive Team to Provide Vital Support for Network Operators and Enterprises as Bandwidth Demands Skyrocket

Rochester, NY – June 10, 2020 – Precision OT, a leading provider of optical transceivers and related active/passive optical components, is pleased to announce a shift in its executive leadership. The company has promoted David Halladay, former Chief Corporate Development Officer, to the position of President. Additionally, Precision OT has hired Keith Habberfield as Executive VP of Sales & Marketing. The team is confident these adjustments will result in enhanced capabilities to meet the needs of optical network operators, globally.

As enterprises adopt new cloud-based applications, their need for more bandwidth and superior performance continues to rise. Accordingly, network operators are looking to providers like Precision OT for innovative optical equipment that can facilitate a range of advanced networking technologies including 5G and Terabit internet.

“Network subscriber demand for products and services involving remote collaboration, HD streaming, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is stronger than ever,” says Chris Page, CTO of Precision OT. “As a result, we want to make sure we are both leveraging the full capacity of our team and attracting talent so we can go above and beyond in meeting the needs of global network operators.”

“Over the last five years, Precision OT has grown significantly as we empower our customers to implement the network architectures they need to deliver high bandwidth, ultra low latency experiences to their subscribers,” adds David Halladay, President of Precision OT. “Throughout the past year, the entire Precision OT team has worked hard on optimizing our internal processes so we can continue scaling. Now, as we embark on the next five years of our future, we are excited to leverage our ongoing dedication to customer service and technical excellence as we design, test and deliver the next generation optical networking solutions our customers require.”

“I am personally thrilled to be joining the Precision OT team, which is filled with a great mix of industry experts and a talented management team,” comments Keith Habberfield, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing. “Network operators constantly trust us to deliver among the best, most customizable solutions available in the industry. Our team lives up to this expectation by testing every product in our lab before it leaves our facility. Our partners’ trust is important to us and we’re ready to stand strong and continue supporting them with quality and integrity.”

To learn more about Precision OT, visit the company’s website at https://www.precisionot.com/.


About Precision OT

Precision OT is a systems integration company focused on end-to-end optical networking solutions, network design services and cutting-edge product development advancements. Backed by our extensive experience and robust R&D efforts,  we play an integral role in enabling next-generation optical networks worldwide. For more information, visit www.precisionot.com


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