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January 29, 2019

2 Hassle-Free Ways to Simplify Transceiver Management

At Precision OT, we know that managing the logistics of your optical networks can be complicated, and it’s probably not something your team wants to spend a lot of time on. Our customer service is ongoing, extending long after purchase, so we leverage our expert team of optical engineers – and the proprietary apps they’ve built – to simplify transceiver management for our clients.

To that end, we have developed our TN100 series transceiver management modules that work with two secure, cloud-based apps downloadable from our website – a Transceiver Tuning Application and a Remote Assistant application. Let’s talk briefly about how they work both to give you more control over your optical network and ensure uptime by enabling access to Precision OT’s advanced engineering team.

Transceiver Tuning Application

Our Transceiver Tuning Application software is designed to work as a core part of our TN100-XS and TN100-Q transceiver management systems. It enables you to rapidly configure our tunable 10GB/s transceivers (SFP, SFP+, XFP) to the wavelength or channel you desire. Requiring only a single USB connection to a computer, the TN100 series box, which houses both applications, helps our customers reduce spare inventory, perform simple site surveys and even evaluate transceivers as well as (re)configure EEPROM compatibility remotely.  Here are just a few of the key ways in which you can benefit from a TN100 series tuning box when you purchase compatible Precision OT transceivers:

·      Eliminate sparing hundreds of fixed channel DWDM transceivers with one tunable optic
·      Acquire tuning flexibility to any of the standard ITU C-band 50GHz or 100GHz spaced channels
·      Easily configure any Precision tunable optic with compatibility to any OEM platform
·      Rapidly acquire new features to all members of your team without the need for cumbersome software installation procedures or security concerns
·      Have control of your device inventory and pluggable module history

By far, the best aspect of our TN100 series system is that, thanks to our web-driven applications, you don’t need to invest in new hardware or complicated installations to have the latest and greatest software available for use. Instead, we at Precision OT manage the application software and transceiver management module firmware for you. Deploying upgrades or custom solutions is as simple as starting the application. 

Remote Assistant

On top of our best-in-class solution for transceiver tuning, we’ve also made it easy for companies with limited budgets and human resources to receive assistance from our engineers remotely. Through our secure Remote Assistant app, we can support our customers in any way they need without having to be onsite. Functioning as your “Virtual Engineer,” our fully cloud/web-based app can be downloaded from our website into our tuning boxes for use alongside the Transceiver Tuning Application. Here are three scenarios in which we can help you through the Remote Assistant app:

1.    Adjusting the settings on Precision OT optical transceivers already purchased (done in conjunction with the tuning app)
2.    Setting up and testing new system architectures – a Precision OT engineer can assist in helping you decide which optics to use
3.    Remotely cueing and auto-updating your installed transceivers based on router specifications
Only compatible with Precision OT optical transceivers, the Remote Assistant works for customers of all sizes – this demonstrates our dedication to customer service. Developed in-house, our Remote Assistant application is the only one of its kind in the industry. This is a product we developed from listening to the needs of our customers, and it is part of our overall strategy to continue simplifying the complex logistics of our clients’ optical networks.

If you’ve purchased our SFP, SFP+, XFP, QSFP or QSFP28 transceivers, our TN100 series tuning box and the Transceiver Tuning and Remote Assistance applications would provide significant added value.  Enjoy peace of mind when challenges arise. Learn more about our solutions by visiting our website here.