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Welcome to our International Team Page!

That’s right. Though we’re based in Rochester, New York, we have been building a global footprint for years throughout the EMEA region and Latin America. We provide custom solutions both to multi-national hyperscale operators and cable networks as well as regional MSOs, mobile operators, service providers and other stakeholders.

What’s the driving force behind our success?

We’re an engineering company first and foremost. Though we have a wide inventory of optical equipment that allows for short lead times and even same-day shipment, it’s our specialized engineering expertise and customizable solutions that make us an especially attractive option. Not only do we provide reliable products, but we also design, test and help deploy solutions that improve network efficiency, cost-savings and scalability.

With that, let’s meet our international team!


Our London-based EMEA team is led by Rob Harrison, Vice President of EMEA. The team has tripled its revenue growth in three years and added 39 new employees in the past 18 months. Our mission in the EMEA region is to help network operators address the engineering challenges that come from rolling out new technologies, including 5G. In many cases, off-the-shelf solutions cannot satisfy their requirements, and that is where we provide the expertise and partnership to negotiate complex situations.

Rob Harrison VP of EMEA

Rob Harrison


Melanie Cantalejo EMEA Sales & Business Development Director

Melanie Cantalejo

EMEA Sales & Business Development Director

Anthony Clarkson Technical Director EMEA

Anthony Clarkson

Technical Director EMEA

Latin America

FonNet Networks

Throughout Latin America, the Precision OT team has operated as FonNet Networks since 2008 and is based in Brazil. Our customers in the region can rest assured that we have a physical presence there and thus have the expertise and agility to help them solve their unique engineering challenges. Brazil, for example, has the highest number of internet service providers in the world – reaching almost 13,000. As internet penetration continues to grow throughout all of Latin America, fiber will increase its share of fixed broadband lines from 22.5% in 2020 to 29.5% in 2023.

With an engineering lab in northeastern Brazil, FonNet has brought Precision OT’s capability for rigorous testing and customization to Latin America. Leveraging a highly qualified team of engineers and their testing capabilities, the company is working to alleviate vendor lock for telcos and other network operators in the area. Latin American operations are overseen by Marco Viana, Director of Business Development at FonNet Networks.

Marco Viana Director of Business Development

Marco Viana

Director of Business Development