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October 5, 2023

Dispersion Compensation ASIC-Enabled 25G Tunable Module Selected As Honoree in 2023 Diamond Technology Reviews 

Rochester, NY – October 5, 2023 Precision Optical Technologies, Inc. today announces that its Dispersion Compensation ASIC-enabled 25G tunable module was recognized among the best in the industry with a 4.0 diamond rating by the 2023 Broadband Technology Report’s Diamond Technology Reviews

“On behalf of the Broadband Technology Report’s 2022 Diamond Technology Reviews, I would like to congratulate Precision OT on their 4.0 Diamonds honoree status,” said Broadband Technology Report’s Editorial Director, Sean Buckley. “This program recognizes and rewards the top products and solutions available to the broadband cable industry. We appreciate all entries we receive though not all were honored with 3.5 Diamonds or above.” 

Precision OT’s Advanced Engineering Group (AEG) designed and manufactured a Dispersion Compensation ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) using patent pending technology. The new ASIC relies on an electronic dispersion compensation modulator driver using single side band (SSB) modulation with analog pre-compensation integrated into the modulator driver. As a result, the chip enables 25G tunable optics to increase their reach to 40km+ at all operating wavelengths. The Dispersion Compensation ASIC extends the lifespan of existing network infrastructure and seamlessly integrates with already-deployed passive components, minimizing disruption and simplifying upgrades. It enables greater bandwidth at longer distances without the need for additional equipment and architecture. 

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