100G P4AR

100G P4AR

PAM4 Access Reach – P4AR™

It’s finally here – the ability to deliver 100G DWDM to the edge of modern access networks simply and affordably. Thanks to our advanced engineering team, we are proud to unveil our new PAM4 Access Reach (P4AR™) transceiver, the only commercial 100G DWDM, QSFP28 switch pluggable product that does not require DCM for transmission up to 40km.


High Capacity and Performance at the Edge

In the past, network operators have had to make some tough choices. To get 100G DWDM, those who invested in coherent detection solutions would have to forego being able to use the QSFP28 form factor. Those who chose direct detect solutions (DD NRZ), which are compatible with QSFP28 transceivers, would get 100G capabilities, but without the bandwidth boost that DWDM offers. Even with ER4 and ZR4 offerings, operators would find themselves trading off capacity for distance.

Now, the game has changed. Do you want high capacity over high distances in the QSFP28 form factor? Now, you can finally have it with P4AR™.

Reduced Latency and Cost Savings

To reach the longer distances they needed with previous 100G and 100G DWDM solutions, network operators were forced to spend money on costly transport equipment, amplifiers and filters. While these tools do help ensure the integrity of the data being transported, they come at the price of increased latency, which is increasingly unacceptable, especially for 5G, IoT and cloud streaming applications. Fortunately, P4AR™ does away with all of these concerns. For a transport distance of 40km on 1 fiber pair with 40 DWDM wavelengths, P4AR™ yields upwards of 76% of CapEx savings, more than 8.5 kW of power savings and 10RU of rack savings.  See the diagram below.

With P4AR™, at distances of up to 40km, it is now possible to eliminate transport equipment, amplifiers, filters and other dispersion compensation gear. This also helps minimize latency, thus providing network operators with the tools they need for modern requirements. Thanks to its DWDM capabilities, P4AR™ enables a business-as-usual operational model for a maximum capacity of 4 TBPS.

Simplified Network Architectures

It’s no secret that network operators are constantly under pressure to upgrade their networks in order to provide the speed and capacity that their end-users demand. Unfortunately, doing so often causes increased network complexity as operators struggle to mesh new equipment with existing deployed inventory. By packing so much power into one QSFP28 form factor, P4AR™ enables network operators to let go of costly, longer-haul dark fiber routes that they would otherwise invest in to connect multiple sites via a central office. See the side-by-side comparison below:

Because of its ability to use existing switches with QSFP28 ports to achieve 4TBPS of bandwidth on a fiber pair, P4AR™ can help network operators reach up to 97% in yearly savings for 40 sites. Likewise, by offering an alternative to coherent solutions, which require two fibers (one for transmission, another for reception), P4AR™ allows network operators to leverage up to 2TBPS of traffic in a 40-channel filter system on just one fiber. This is a powerful and simple way to proof your networks for future demand.


  • 40km reach without the need for filters, amplifiers or other transport equipment
  • QSFP28 PAM4, DWDM 40 channels, Fixed wavelength
  •  Applications
    • Point-to-point data center DWDM interconnects
    • 100G Ethernet metro-access over DWDM
    • Campus and enterprise links


  • Procurement: Enables operators to use existing switches and routers for transport of 100G traffic
  • Native monitoring: Existing NMS tools can be used
  • Plug-n-play: No transport expertise required for 40 km of deployment
  • Smart Hands: Leverage same internal personnel to deploy services
  • On Time Delivery: Minimal downtime to install
  • High Fidelity: Reduced points of failure and faster mean time to repair in the absence of traditional transport equipment

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