Veluxsys by Precision OT

Precision’s Integrated Photonics team has core competencies in software systems, cellular/multi-band radio and antenna development, signal processing, and photonic integrated circuit (PIC) design.

We are developing systems that offer an alternative to the conventional wireless hardware deployment paradigm.

Our technology uses optical devices to enable the placement of all radio components at a centralized hub, which results in a radio access network (RAN) capable of servicing a multitude of passive remote antennas.

  • Software Systems
  • Cellular/Multi-band Radio and Antenna Development
  • Signal Processing
  • Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Design

Our software expertise combined with state of the art devices designed in-house allow for radios to be placed closely to the edge of the network in order to meet the demands of network agility. Our system deployment consists of a coordinated, remotely manageable, and easily serviceable architecture.

As a system solution, it offers scalability not only in terms of customer growth, but also flexibility in core radio technologies. Our system products are especially poised to tackle the challenges of high throughput access for internet service providers. With support for waveform-agnostic deployment, our technology is critical to future embodiments of 5G converged wireless access networks.