Mar 12th, 2019

Cutting Through the Confusion: Fiber Optic Cables for High Speed Networking

The sheer number of devices geared toward building high-speed networking solutions can be overwhelming. There are several components to consider, starting with fiber-optic cables.


Mar 7th, 2019

New Videos! How To Clean and Care For Your Optical Fiber and Equipment

We have created two new videos for you to enjoy – one on the do’s and don’ts of optical fiber management and the second on our new click cleaner products. Together, they should help you keep your optical accessories in good shape.


Mar 6th, 2019

An Engineer’s Guide to Connectors

While there are several components to consider, this article will cover some of the most important connector types. Subsequent articles will take a closer look at cabling, transceivers and strategies for limiting connectivity loss.


Feb 14th, 2019

Thoughts from PTC’19: Advancing the Future of High-Speed Internet with Precision OT

Just a few weeks ago, our Precision OT team traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii, for PTC’19, an annual telecommunications conference for stakeholders from across the Pacific Rim. Now, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who met with us.


Feb 13th, 2019

Inspect Before you Connect: 4 Signs You May Have a Fiber Optic Connector Contamination

Fiber optic connectors play a crucial role throughout network architecture; they permit the capability to add, drop, move and change fiber optic cables throughout networks and data centers.


Jan 29th, 2019

2 Hassle-Free Ways to Simplify Transceiver Management

At Precision OT, we know that managing the logistics of your optical networks can be complicated, and it’s probably not something your team wants to spend a lot of time on.


Jan 7th, 2019

The Truth About NEMs: What They Aren't Telling You

Due to OEM's aggressive sales tactics and widespread misconceptions, many executives continue to spend more money than they should for their optics.


Dec 1st, 2018

The Path to Next Generation Ethernet: 25G or 40G?

The path to the next generation of network configuration has lately manifested itself not as a straight line, but as a wavy journey sensitive to debate over competing strategies for moving forward.


Sep 19th, 2018

Reimagining SDN with Next-Gen White Box Technology

Since 2011, software-defined networking (SDN) has revolutionized how data centers, service providers and other enterprises manage and control their networks. By separating decisions about where traffic goes on the network from how it is forwarded, network administrators can control traffic directly from a centralized console without manually reconfiguring individual switches or routers. As a result, SDN can provide flexible and scalable network architectures for companies needing to adapt to the changing demands of modern applications.


Sep 14th, 2018

Coherent CFP2 DCO: The Latest Breakthrough for Long-Haul DWDM Applications

We’re living through a data explosion and a web-scale era, where network capacity is an increasingly elusive and expensive find. The industry needs more high quality, cost-effective optical connections than ever before.


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