Jun 4th, 2019

Introducing David Halladay, Precision OT’s Chief Corporate Development Officer

We sat down with David Halladay, our Chief Corporate Development Officer, to talk about his banking background, what he is looking forward to accomplishing at Precision OT and why job-seekers should consider the growing tech community in Rochester.


Apr 29th, 2019

Precision OT in Lightwave: Talking FEC, 100G Networks and Beyond

When it comes to transmitting data signals, a variety of factors can distort them or, worse yet, completely prevent them from reaching their destinations.

Forward Error Correction LightWave Online

Apr 23rd, 2019

Fiber Polarity: Everything you Need to Know

Successful installation of a fiber-optic network employing multi-fiber push on (MPO) cables and connectors relies on several considerations, one of the most important of which is polarity.


Apr 11th, 2019

Laser Diodes, Modulation and Optical Communication

Along with optical fiber and an optical receiver, one of the key components of any optical fiber communication system is the optical transmitter.


Apr 2nd, 2019

Comparing 100G Optical Transceivers

In our latest infographic, we break down the major differences between 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 and LR4 Optics.


Mar 29th, 2019

KINBERCON 2019: The Top 3 Pieces of Network Equipment Needed to Support Modern Organizations Across Pennsylvania

As many organizations look to digitally transform their operations and networks, turning to their various network providers to provide them with either the network infrastructure or services they need, we thought it would be helpful to list out the top three products and services we see as vital to supporting network operators and administrators in digitally transforming their daily operations.


Mar 25th, 2019

Precision OT in Optical Connections Magazine: The Future of SDN Adoption

For the past several years, core network administrators have been using SDN application programming interfaces (APIs) to virtualize and control traffic flow centrally, provisioning service paths without the need for manual processes. Now, SDN’s flexibility and scalability are beginning to attract access network operators seeking a cost-effective solution to improve the quality of service (QoS) for their bandwidth-hungry subscribers.


Mar 20th, 2019

Cutting Through the Confusion: Limiting Connectivity Loss in High-speed Networking

In Part II of our Cutting Through the Confusion series, our experts explore connectivity loss in high-speed networking.


Mar 12th, 2019

Cutting Through the Confusion: Fiber Optic Cables for High Speed Networking

The sheer number of devices geared toward building high-speed networking solutions can be overwhelming. There are several components to consider, starting with fiber-optic cables.


Mar 7th, 2019

New Videos! How To Clean and Care For Your Optical Fiber and Equipment

We have created two new videos for you to enjoy – one on the do’s and don’ts of optical fiber management and the second on our new click cleaner products. Together, they should help you keep your optical accessories in good shape.


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